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Slow Internet? Expensive to upgrade?


Speed-Box is the solution!

Faster Internet for your business

Speed-Box will dramatically increase the speed of your Internet.
Speed increases of 2x – 100x are possible, even for mobile devices.

Satisfaction guarantee

We guarantee you will be satisfied with the performance improvements.
We deliver as promised, or you give the Speed-Box back and get a full refund.


Speed-Box saves you up to half the costs compared to upgrading with your ISP. 
It is the ideal solution for places with low and expensive bandwidth.

Keep your current internet plan

Speed-Box works as plug-and-play on top of your existing Internet connection.
This way you don’t have to change any of your existing subscriptions.

Freedom of choice

Speed-Box is a flexible solution for faster internet.
You can choose to stop using Speed-Box at any time.


The business results you will achieve with faster Internet depends on your industry.
Go to MiningEducationHotel & LeisureInternet providers, Offshore & Maritime, Cruise & Yacht, or Government & Military to see what Speed-Box can do for you.